Filler Happiness


Happy Autumn, everyone! The colours are gorgeous here in West Yorkshire and, despite the temperature dropping, I’ve resisted my winter coat so far… for how long though, who knows?!

With the year end looming ahead (how time flies), I’ve been thinking about my writing successes so far – I’ve managed five short story sales to date, which was my total count in 2014. I’d love to sell another and gain a personal best, but I won’t beat myself up if I don’t. After all I do work full time and reserve the right to be exhausted and stare at the TV in any spare hours I find. The other reason I won’t be too hard on myself is that I’ve kind of surpassed my sales in 2014 already, by having three fillers published this year too.

I never thought I’d be any good at fillers (comments, jokes, funny things that happened, tips etc, usually accompanied by a photo, generally found in womens’ magazines). I’m not a very good photographer and never seem to have my camera ready at the right time, plus I’m utterly hopeless at household tips (undomestic goddess). I never remember jokes either. But one thing I am quite good at is having an opinion and love a good old rant on my soapbox. So, with that in mind, I kept my eye on the Facebook pages of popular magazines like ‘Pick Me Up’, ‘Take a Break’ and ‘Real People’ and saw that they often ask readers their opinions, offering money (around £25 – £50) if published. I could write for ages on the popularity of selfies or whether a pre-nup agreement ruins romance. And I’ve managed to get some cash for my thoughts – £100 in total this year- nice! Oh, and gives me an excuse to browse Facebook too – it’s not always a waste of time!


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