Short, Beautiful Days

I’m on the fence about autumn. On one hand you get scenes like this –


Ambers, golds, pumpkins and bonfires… what’s not to like…? But then the clocks go back and we hit dark nights. And each and every year, I feel my spirits drop as I know that come late afternoon, all the daylight will have gone. I find it really hard to motivate myself at this time of year. Work seems to finish in the middle of the night and once home the only option is to stick the telly on and curl up in a dressing gown with a mug of something hot.

There are ways round it though. My home is currently filled with flowers, candles and heating which go a long way to chase off any sad feelings and I’m trying my very best to get on with as much writing as I can, which *always* puts me in a brighter mood. Once I’ve broken that ‘procrastination barrier’, that is, which seems to get much thicker once the temperature drops (though lets face it, we’ve been pretty lucky with the weather so far this autumn…)

Am I doing Nanowrimo? No, I’m not. I’m still not motivated enough for that, but hat’s off and bon chance to those who are. I am getting stuck into short story writing though as I really do need to get my number of pieces ‘out there’ with magazines and competitions up a little higher than my current total.

I was really happy to hit the longlist and shortlist in this writing comp run by the lovely Greenacre Writers. If you have a 1000 word story you’d like to submit or fancy writing one, they’re running another competition right now as well. Entry is £4 per story and the closing date is 20th November. Or, if you fancy writing something even shorter, Helen Yendall is running an equally lovely competition on her writing blog and entry to this one is free! It closes on 11th November though so you’ll need to be quick.

Oh, and if anyone remembers me talking of my lnterest in Alaska on here a while back, I had a short story published in The People’s Friend the other week set there. 🙂 The illustration was so gorgeous that I ended up cutting it out and laminating it – that probably makes me very sad, but do I care?!

Hope you’re enjoying your autumn and I guess when all else fails, there’s always wine! 🙂


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