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versatile blogger

Thank you so much to Rosie Canning who has nominated me for a ‘Versatile Blogger’ award! I’m not sure I deserve it, given my long hiatus, but still, I’m very pleased. Rosie writes a really inspiring blog – it’s of full of news and interesting information. I’ve been lucky enough to attend one of Rosie’s courses with Greenacre Writers as well. It was brilliant.

So, as a versatile blogger, I understand that I’m to give seven random facts about me, then nominate others to do the same. I tend to stay fairly focused on writing here and I think you all know about the types of stuff I write (I go on about it enough – LOL), so I’ll try and make these facts *not* about writing to be different!
1. I grew up in the north east of England, but sound like I’m from Surrey, which always seems to confuse people.
2. I was once a volunteer ‘lookalike’ in a police identity parade.
3. I tend to worry about big things late at night.
4. I often eat cake instead of lunch at the weekend.
5. I’m lucky enough to be blessed with the most wonderful family and friends. 
6. They may be all the rage, but I really dislike onesies.
7. I watch Harry Potter films when I’m ill, upset or hungover.
I’m not very good at nominating people and I’m not sure who’s done it already, so I nominate *anyone who reads this and fancies having a go!* Sorry if that’s not in the rules/lazy!
Oh, and one last writing thing – I have a story in the October issue of Take a Break Fiction Feast – I believe it’s out in the shops tomorrow or in a couple of days – very exciting as it’s the first one I’ve had published with them 🙂

2 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger

  1. Just in case you wondered who or what Veggietrials is, it’s my allotment blog! Great article, I like your random facts, and it’s great news you have another story published! Rianne x

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