A Dust and Polish

Umm… does anyone still follow this blog?! If you do, then please accept my very humble apologies for being so silent over the last (gosh!) four months.

A number of things that can generally be categorised by the word ‘life’ have managed to prevent me writing for some time, so that’s why this poor blog has become so neglected. But the good news is that I’m back and ready to give it a good dust off and polish, so that in no time at all, it’ll be sparkling like new.

And there IS lots to celebrate. Over my quiet months, I did actually have some writing successes, and I’m going to make up for not saying anything much about them at the time by mentioning them all now. 🙂 (brag alert – sorry).

So, in no particular order my achievements since March 2014 are as follows:

– A story shortlisted in the Erewash Writers Themed Flash Fiction Competition. (they run lots of fun competitions – check them out. Some are free too.)

– A story Highly Commended in the Northampton Literature Group Flash Fiction Competition.

– A filler published in Woman’s Own (a nice, easy way to make £25. Check their Facebook page for call-outs.)

– A story shortlisted in the Swanwick Writers’ Summer School Short Story Competition (more of that later.)

– My second short story accepted with The People’s Friend magazine. (it’s awaiting publication.)

– A story published in Woman’s Weekly Fiction Special.

and….. (drum roll)

– My first EVER acceptance with Take a Break magazine!! YAY! (this was a real ‘happy moment’ – it’s also awaiting publication.)

So, there’s plenty to feel hopeful about and, as ever, lots more reasons to keep on writing.

I also went to Swanwick Writers’ Summer School for the first time this year. Being shortlisted in their competition gave me an enormous boost and the experience proved an excellent means to re-focus, write words, attend brilliant courses and meet some lovely people. It was particularly exciting to meet Shirley Blair, the Fiction Editor at The People’s Friend, who gave a talk and a short course about writing for The Friend. I could write a whole blog post on her hints and tips, but for now will stick to this – they don’t get many stories at 3 – 4,000 words but are inundated with stories at 2,000 words – worth remembering if you want to sub to them.

I was far too busy to take any photos at Swanwick – but did manage this one – a beautiful lilly on the lake.

Swanwick Lilly

I am now on a diet that will last roughly the rest of my life, however, after a week of the famous ‘Swanwick Food.’

So, no more excuses –  those of you who know me well, please, please feel free to nag me if this blog ever looks unloved and sad again!


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