Full Circle

It’s been an exciting week. First off, I celebrated the publication of one of my short stories in Woman’s Weekly Fiction Special. My mum and I went out to pick up some copies and then had celebratory coffee and cake in a lovely tearoom nearby at a table overlooking their garden. It was then that I realised that I’d sat with my mum in the same tearoom (and at that very table no less…) pretty much a year ago to the day, gazing out of the window and daydreaming about ideas for a new short story.

My mum had been telling me a funny though unfortunate story about two sisters fighting over their late mother’s precious silver teapot, which had ended up being placed on a gas cooker and meeting a sorry end. My mind began whirring – I could use that! Now, it so happens that the garden at this tearoom has some very unique features. They have placed items of crockery in amongst the plants – I spied saucers in the daffodils and teapots posing as flower pots. My mind whirred even more, and the result, several months later was a short story entitled ‘Porcelain Flowers’, with the silver teapot transformed into a china one. I was utterly delighted when Woman’s Weekly emailed me to tell me they wanted it and of course treated my mum to a big slice of cake to say thank you for the idea!

And, as we sat down to yet more treats the other day, I realised that I’d come ‘full circle’, from an initial idea to a published piece 🙂 If only all story writing was as satisfying as this!


I’m not much of a photographer, but hopefully this image captures the teapots in the garden and shows how they sparked off my idea.

And… as if that wasn’t enough excitement for one week, I have a story in The People’s Friend magazine as well! This is my first success with them and I’m delighted that my historical tale opens the magazine with a really stunning illustration, by the very talented David Young. I just wish I had more weeks like this 🙂 Must keep writing!


10 thoughts on “Full Circle

  1. What a lovely post, Alice. It was great to hear the inspiration behind the story. Congratulations on your two publications – it must be a lovely feeling! 🙂

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