The ‘Writing’ Sun is Shining



Do you ever go through ‘sunny spots’ with your writing successes? For me, it often seems like the ‘writing’ sun will peep out of the clouds for a few days at a time, and I’ll have lots of good news to share. It will then disappear for weeks and even months at a time and all I hear is bad news and often no news at all!

Happily, right now, it seems to be a sunny spell. No, I haven’t managed to get into The People’s Friend just yet, but they have got back to me with some really constructive feedback and have asked me to rewrite a story for them. I’m going to pull everything out of my writerly satchel to try and get it right this time!

So, my nice news, is that I’ve managed to hit the longlist in a new writing competition run by Jeni Durston-Powell. It’s a flash fiction competition with a 500 word limit, an open theme, an entrance fee of £4 and some pretty generous prizes. Aside from my delight at having reached this stage, I must say that I’ve been really impressed with Jeni’s organisation of her contest. She has kept all the entrants well up to date through her very friendly website, Twitter and Facebook pages. Plus, she released the longlist only two days after the closing date. Having been extremely frustrated by the lack of updates and communication in some of the writing competitions I’ve entered lately, it’s so nice to see one where the organiser seems to genuinely care about all her entrants and not just the winners. Look out for more competitons run by Jeni – I certainly will!

And, the following day, I was so pleased to hear from my lovely writing and blogging friend, Helen Yendall, who tweeted me to let me know that Prima Magazine have published my ‘first teenage crush’ filler/snippet in their latest issue! I very rarely dip my toes in non-fiction as I just don’t have much confidence that I’m any good at it… but Prima Magazine has been a brilliant place to start. They regularly invite their readers to submit tips and run a regular slot called ‘Wise Words’ where they ask for specific pearls of wisdom (for example, ‘What’s your holiday essential?’) and memories from long ago (like, ‘Tell us about your school uniform or your first teenage crush’). I wrote about the time I wept into my popcorn over Leonardo Di Caprio in Titanic! Yes, slightly embarrassing…

Prima Magazine also offers readers the chance to submit a fictional short story – they publish one a month and there’s a space on the back page where you can tell them ‘all about me’ with photos and snippets. There are some great rewards ranging from a free subscription to a nice sum of cash. The best way to get started is to grab a copy of the mag to see the type of stuff they publish and if you’re on Facebook to ‘like’ their page as it’s packed with useful info as well as their call outs for submissions.

And lastly, Woman’s Weekly accepted one of my short stories a couple of months ago, so I’m massively anticipating its publication (as are my loyal family and friends). Hope it’s not too long now!

Hope it’s sunny where you are too 🙂



8 thoughts on “The ‘Writing’ Sun is Shining

  1. I love the idea of ‘the writing sun’, just exactly how it feels when it’s going well. Very interesting to read about your writing successes too, it’s very encouraging. Best of luck with the People’s Friend story.

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