Came as Me, Left as We

Came as We, Left as Me

Yet again, it seems, I’m starting with an apology – I’ve been neglecting this blog… sorry, Writing Land. Lots going on for me and I’ve barely had time to write a story, nevermind update my blog.

So, just a quick post to say I’m in a book! A ‘real book’! One of my stories (‘Something to Move You’) is included in a collection of beach reads named ‘Came as Me, Left as We‘, which is published by Alfie Dog Fiction. I’m delighted to be part of this anthology and even ordered my own copy, just so I can show it to people… and read the stories in it by the other writers too, of course! Patsy Collins has written a lovely blog post which features a few of them plus their thoughts on the sea and all it inspires.

Anyway, hope you’re all not over-heating tooooo much in this ‘real summer’ weather we’re having. London is like a melting pot, but I love the sunshine and refuse to complain!


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