Did I Mention that I Won?!

People who are connected to me on Facebook and Twitter are most likely thoroughly sick of me going on about this (to say nothing for my poor family, friends and husband!) but, let’s face it, my writing achievements haven’t exactly been overwhelming this year – I need to celebrate! I’m absolutely delighted that I’ve won a Write Invite competition and will clearly continue to talk about it for quite some time!

I’ve blogged about the Write Invite competitons here before and you can also read about them on their website (as well as read my story!). It’s such a lovely feeling to win something and a first for me too. I’ve already treated myself to all sorts of goodies and plan to savour the happy feeling for as long as possible!

All in all, I had a pretty happening weekend (why does all the excitement always take place at once?!). Good friends of ours held a fundraiser in Stafford called Have Fun for Williams! – a day of bouncy castles, photography, books and crafts, a racing car simulator and lots of yummy cakes to support the Williams Syndrome Foundation.

Their very gorgeous son (and my very gorgeous godson) has this rare, genetic condition. People with Williams Syndrome tend to be very gregarious and friendly – most are an absolute joy to be around. There are downsides too though – they are at risk of heart problems, are often hypersensitive to noise and can have learning difficulties as well.

Our friends did an amazing job to create a fun day for all the family which not only raised over a £1000 for the Foundation but also increased awareness about Williams Syndrome too. Whilst the big UK charities do some very important work, I always think it makes a nice change to support less well known ones too. In this writing competition, run by the Erewash Writers’ Group, entrants are placed in a prize draw (which is, as I understand it, separate from the writing comp itself) and the winner gets to pick a charity for a donation to be made – you can guess which charity I’ll be choosing if I’m lucky enough to win…

I was really happy to be helping out on the book stall (best place for me!). We had, ahem, rather a lot of books to sell, as you’ll see below…

Me on  the (massive) book stall...

Me on the (massive) book stall…


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