Who am I?

I’ve just been reading a blog post on Vikki’s very excellent blog, The View Outside which invites us to think of 20 ways to answer the question ‘Who am I?’ This is a great way to get us thinking about how we define yourselves as people; our identity and our values. As writers, we can also put ourselves in the shoes of our characters and answer the questions as them, which I think will really help us to ‘get to know them’ so much better and add those touches which bring them to life so they jump out of the page at the reader (and most importantly editor, agent or publisher!).

I will be having a go at this for lots of my characters, as I’m very aware that strong characterisation is something that may be missing from my writing at the moment… But first, I thought I’d share the list I made for myself:

Who am I?

1. A woman

2. A wife

3. A daughter

4. A sister

5. A friend

6. A colleague

7. A writer

8. An aspiring novelist

9. A sensitive person

10. A worrier

11. A listener

12. A reader

13. A thinker

14. A believer in angels

15. A big kid (at times!)

16. A pescetarian (someone who eats fish but not meat)

17. A social networker (or possibly time waster!)

18. A chatterbox (when I’m not busy listening!)

19. A lover of almost all hot drinks (and wine!)

20. A Libran

I have to say it got a bit hard towards the final five – I tried to do it quickly though…

Anyway, it’s nearly Christmas, and I have still to make my writing resolutions for next year. I’ll share them here when I do though.

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas season and lots of yuletide loveliness!


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