Why I Love Writing…

Actually, there’s loads of reasons, all of which I could happily blog about for days… The one I’m going to talk about today is the ‘surprise’ factor!

A couple of weeks ago, a writing friend tweeted me to say that she’d seen my letter in this month’s Writers’ Forum Magazine! After a long and pretty stressful day, this was just the news I wanted to hear. It may only be a letter but it’s the first time I’ve ever sent any non fictional material out into the publishing world (not counting this blog, that is, but even that’s fairly new!) and I’m absolutely delighted that it’s been accepted.

Surprises like this give me (and I suspect other writers) such a big boost and are what keeps many of us going between sales! A few months ago,  in an idle moment, I (rather narcissistically) googled my own name (don’t judge me!!) and was delighted to discover that a story of mine had, in fact, been shortlisted in a competition I had written off ages ago. The top three winners had been announced long ago (not me!), but nothing was said about the shortlist, until it appeared on their website!

Now, of course, I would much prefer that the comp organisers had informed me about this. I may not have won anything, but knowing you’ve come close isabsolute gold dust for all aspiring writers and I really think they should have taken the time to tell us. However, it was still a lovely surprise to see that my story had made it that far and was a welcome bonus to my day!

So, I resolve to keep sending out stories, fillers and competition entries, as we never know when that surprise might pop up. And, speaking of competitons, Helen Yendall is running a free flash fiction competition from her blog! I’ve entered Helen’s competitons before and they are always friendly, fun, expertly organised (unlike the comp I mentioned above!) with some great prizes too.  Good luck if you decide to go for it!


4 thoughts on “Why I Love Writing…

  1. Ah, thank you Alice, that’s given me a little warm glow! You did well to get a letter in Writer’s Forum – they’ve never printed one of mine, despite a few attempts! I hope this is the start of lots of non-fiction success for you (as well as the fiction, of course!) x

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