Inspiration in the Lakes

Sorry for such a silence…. Lots of stuff going on including a break in the Lake District 🙂 Now, before you start thinking I spend my whole life on holiday, I have to add that I’ve well and truly had my lot now for quite some time!

Here’s a photo of me on the side of a fell:

I find the Lake District such a beautiful and inspiring place. Something about those dark, imposing mountians, shrouded in mist and tiny hamlets of only a few houses… All sorts of story ideas ‘popped’ into my head whilst I was there, which I quickly scribbled down in my trusty notebook!

Having said that, I actually did very little actual writing on my trip, prefering instead to bury my head in ‘The Little Friend’ by Donna Tartt (It’s excellent by the way, although I would try ‘The Secret History’ first if you’re new to her as an author). But, I now have plenty of ideas to work on – I just need to find some time!

I have actually written a short story inspired by my last trip to the Lakes 🙂  I really enjoyed writing it and was delighted to hear recently, that it had been accepted by the Alfie Dog Website. It’s currently available to download for just 39p!

Alfie Dog is a relatively new website and aims to provide good quality short stories for people to download and enjoy. If you fancy having a go at writing for them, all the information and submission guidelines can be found on their website. They take all genres, including children’s stories too 🙂


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