Big Sulk!

You wouldn’t have thought I had much reason to sulk, not when I’ve just had my first womag publication!! Yes, my short story Knit Picking can currently be found in June’s edition of the Woman’s Weekly Fiction Special. Please do check it out. Needless to say, I’m totally delighted and still quite stunned!

No, the reason I’m cross is that my absolute favourite spot to write – an independent bookshop and organic coffee shop is closing down 😦 Langtons has been trading for nearly 60 years and is well known locally as a haven for all book lovers. It’s very unique and has a warm and cosy atmosphere.

Living in a fairly small flat (with no room for a study or anything) means that I often get sick of writing at home, plus there are just too many distractions. One day, I dream of living in the countryside, writing full time in a lovely study overlooking the hills… But in the meantime Langtons offers me some respite from the flat, delicious coffee and cakes plus time to focus fully on my writing.  There’s free WIFI, but I choose not to use it, so’s not to waste any time on Twitter and Facebook!

But it’s soon to be no more. Langtons have said that the economic climate, plus rising costs makes it impossible for them to keep on going…I still live in hope that a rich, literary benefactor might find out about it and offer a lifeline (If you happen to be one, please get in touch!!) but it doesn’t look likely.

So, at the end of this month, I’ll be bidding a fond farewell to Langtons, vowing to make an even bigger effort to support other independent book stores in my area and start the long and arduous process of finding a new cafe for my writing… *braces herself for a mammoth round of coffee and cake*


8 thoughts on “Big Sulk!

  1. Aww, I’m not surprised you’re in a sulk. It looks like a lovely shop! What a shame. Still haven’t managed to get hold of June’s WWFS, by the way. Living out in the sticks, as I do now, they don’t stock it in the shops!! eeek. It’s a nightmare. But, going to the big city tomorrow (well, Leamington) and I’m sure they’ll have it there.

  2. Alice
    I managed to track down WWFS (hurrah for the Co-op). My partner was waiting in the car for me and I ran out, waving it joyfully in the air at him! How sad must that have looked?! Anyway, I really enjoyed your story. Very believable characters and a nice happy ending! It’s a shame they didn’t give you a picture but I didn’t have a picture for my first story either – perhaps you have to wait a bit to get one. My ‘dream’ is to have a full page picture, alongside a story, which I can then frame! But it hasn’t happened yet!

  3. Yay! Glad you got a copy okay, Helen. I really struggle to find The Weekly News round where I live for some reason, so spotting it always provokes excitement which probably looks pretty odd!
    So glad you like the story – thanks heaps. I love the way they’ve presented it, but yes, one day it would be lovely to have a picture too. Hope you get your full page picture soon!

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