Capturing the Magic

I’m not ashamed to admit it – I love Harry Potter! Whilst I can’t say I’ve ever camped out for a glimpse of the red carpet at the film premieres or even bought a book at midnight, I do consider myself a pretty big fan. To me, JK Rowling’s own story comes about as close to magic as the non fictional world can get. To not only turn her own life around but also bring about world wide excitement in the adventures of a boy wizard is nothing short of awe inspiring. She’s one of my idols and, in my opinion, a source of inspiration to all writers everywhere.

It was with huge anticipation then that I (accompanied by my ever loyal husband) made my way to the Harry Potter Studio Tour at Leavesden Studios, Watford. This is a collection of sets used in the Harry Potter films. I tried to contain my expectations, desperately hoping I wouldn’t be disappointed. I needn’t have worried. The tour is an absolute shrine for any self respecting Potter fan and even for those slightly less interested, the colourful sets with their incredible attention to detail are still well worth seeing (in other words my husband really enjoyed himself in the end!)

Aside from the stories, which are terrific, what I really love about the Harry Potter books are all the magical details – portraits that move and speak, the shops in Diagon Alley, plates of sandwiches that refill themselves… The films just never spent enough time on these details, needing of course, to get on with the story. The tour gives you a chance to fully immerse yourself in Harry’s world, read the Daily Prophet and the Quibbler and properly take everything in.

I won’t go on about the tour anymore. Even if you only vaguely enjoy Harry Potter, I highly recommend going – worth the money and highly enjoyable.

So, to link this up with my own writing – I’d love to write for children one day, though am sadly yet to find that killer idea. I’m not saying I want to be a multi millionaire (though it would be nice!), but to do something that you love everyday AND get make your living from it would be pretty special.

For now, I think I’ll focus on writing good, publishable short stories and put all my efforts into that. But never say never… JK Rowling has revealed that the idea of Harry, the boy wizard who studies magic at Hogwarts School,  just wandered into her head one day on a delayed train from Manchester to London and when inspiration strikes like that, there’s no point in hanging around…


2 thoughts on “Capturing the Magic

  1. Alice, thanks for this. We are big HP fans too (my partner – a grown man of nearly 50, has read all the books at least 3 times, and yes we HAVE queued up at midnight, for the last book! Anyway, we are planning a trip to the HP studios very soon, so I’m glad it lived up to your expectations! In fact, your post was a timely reminder that I need to sort out our visit PRONTO – and definitely before the school summer holidays! (re. waiting for that ‘big idea’ – don’t wait too long – many writers don’t have a big idea, they just start writing and the ideas come…!)

  2. I’m sure you’ll love it, Helen. I kindof wish I’d queued up at midnight now. At the time i figured they weren’t going to sell out so I might as well wait and buy during the daytime, but I’m not sure an opportunity like that will ever come round again!
    Yes, you’re right about just writing and getting ideas from there. I’m hoping something will come from all the short stories I write…

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