Brand New Blog!

Hello and welcome to my new writing blog. I’ve been a ‘serious’ writer (as in actually finishing work and submitting it to various markets) for about eighteen months now. Having gained a very small amount of success, I feel it’s high time I started to engage some more in the online writing community – which I must say never ceases to amaze me with its generosity of knowledge and friendliness.

So, I’ll be blogging on here about my writing; the highs, lows and the ‘re-marketing opportunities’ (we all know what that means, right?!), plus books, films, short stories and anything else that takes my interest (I’ll try to keep on topic though, promise!). Please stop by and say hello!

*slightly nervously toasts her new blog!*


8 thoughts on “Brand New Blog!

  1. Hi Alice, if you get addicted to this blogging thing like I have it certainly eats a lot of time (though nowhere near as much as my frankly insane Wikipedia habit did before) and it doesn’t pay the bills either. It doesn’t matter though, because whatever form our writing takes it is all good practice. The more we write the better we get. Good luck with it, Tom

  2. I’ve not been blogging very long either, but it’s a lovely way to interact with fellow writers and ‘normal’ people. And you’re right about the generosity of spirit that abounds here.

  3. Looking forward to reading your blog (and seeing you guys in a few weeks – Nathan is vary excited to be seeing you again!!)

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